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Introducing the FT5 Powder Rheometer


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Welcome to a special newsletter introducing the FT5 Powder Rheometer®. Bringing any new product to market is an achievement but especially so when following a widely established instrument with the reputation of the FT4. The FT5 is a testament to the expertise, time, and effort invested in realising a new system that honours that heritage.

You’ll see the term ‘Intelligent Powder Testing’ associated with the FT5. Our aim is to emphasise the thought that has gone into what the instrument measures, how those capabilities are delivered and what it’s like to use. Read on to learn what this means in practice with respect to techniques and new features; team highlights also provide further insight.

We’d be delighted to show you what the FT5 can do at a live event over the summer. Alternatively join one of the introductory webinars. Either way we hope you’ll agree that this powerful new instrument represents an important step forward in powder testing.

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The FT5 Powder Rheometer incorporates multiple distinct but complementary techniques, each with proven application. 

  • Dynamic test methodologies to quantify flow behaviour under process relevant conditions, from consolidation through to the point of fluidisation, at ambient and elevated temperature.
  • Shear analysis to quantify shear strength and wall friction parameters in accordance with ASTM standard D7891.
  • Bulk property measurements to determine bulk density, compressibility, and permeability

This combination of techniques provides exceptional versatility and delivers the multi-faceted powder characterisation needed to develop in-depth understanding.

Going forward the flexible design of the FT5 will allow further methodologies and accessories to be easily introduced; a uniaxial testing module is already planned. This will allow users to directly measure unconfined yield strength and quickly rank powders on the basis of consolidated flow behaviour. 

What's new?


The FT5 focuses on delivering enhanced capabilities while at the same time making all aspects of powder testing much simpler. New features include:

  • Elevated temperature testing (up to 200oC) - investigate how powder flow properties change at industrially relevant temperatures
  • Touchscreen control via an intuitive interface - access easy and effective powder testing, whatever your level of experience or expertise
  • Extended measurement range - generate accurate data, even for more challenging materials such as highly cohesive powders and dense metals
  • Automated accessory identification – generate reliable data, with minimal training, by reducing the risk of operator error for every measurement type

Every member of Freeman Technology team has made a unique contribution to the project, and each has a different perspective on the outcome. Here’s a selection:

Katrina Brockbank, Head of Laboratory: “The all-in-one tablet-driven interface is a huge plus and has a major impact on my day-to-day work. It makes routine testing so much easier as well as eliminating any concerns about device contamination. The auto-recognition of accessories also helps with productivity. Switching between measurement types is so straightforward.

Quote from Jamie Clayton, Operations Director "Accessibility is the crucial gain... The FT5 is a powerful, contemporary powder testing tool, a smart evolution of the FT4"

Jamie Clayton, Operation Director: “Accessibility is the crucial gain from my perspective. The FT5 is a powerful, contemporary powder testing tool, a smart evolution of the FT4 built on our engineering expertise and application understanding. It’s a futureproofed, versatile system that makes it far easier for anyone to access the benefits of powder testing. This is a major gain that should help powder testing to become better integrated in routine workflows. 

Quote from Rob Hopkins, Mechanical Design Engineer "The result is a modular, fully integrated, inherently more robust instrument with a modern look"

Rob Hopkins, Mechanical Design Engineer:
“The FT5 was designed from the ground-up, against a backdrop of established market demand. We’ve therefore been able to justify investment in a transformed structural design and new manufacturing strategies. The result is a modular, fully integrated, inherently more robust instrument with a modern look and feel that I really like, from the shape of the body to the GUI.”


Be one of the first to see the new FT5 Powder Rheometer at:

  • ACHEMA, Frankfurt Am Main, Germany, August 22 – 26
  • POWTECH, Nuremberg, Germany, September 27- 29

Visit our events page to find out about additional opportunities, as they are added.


Alternatively, register for the introductory webinar. Jamie Clayton will be showcasing all the key features of the instrument on June 22 in sessions across 3 time zones:

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The FT5 brochure is a great starting place to learn more about the instrument and how ‘Intelligent Powder Testing’ can benefit your work.

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